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The WAHA Surf Shop Presents...

For The First Time On DVD!
I’ve never experienced the joy of watching a Free Hot Lunch performance, unless you count that one time I fell off the stage in Milwaukee during “The Scotsman” and lay there in a daze while the other guys finished without me. But I’ve gotten the impression it must be a good time, so imagine my excitement when Jeff Laramie told me he was going to produce a DVD of the band playing an actual gig! At last, I could enjoy a real Free Hot Lunch concert in the comfort of my own home, alone with a bottle of scotch, two ice cubes, and my new high definition flat screen TV. I put in my order immediately, but then he said, “Wait a second, we’ve got to play the show first!” And so we did.

The good news for you is that Laramie didn't just produce one DVD just for me. He made hundreds of them! And for a limited time (until we run out) you can buy one of the left-overs (or as we say in the business, excess inventory) to play in your own DVD player at home with your own bottle of scotch and your own high definition flat screen TV. Just like me.

So what are you waiting for? It was a great show! Laramie edited out most of the mistakes, and there's still 90 minutes of video left! It makes a wonderful gift! Order a bunch of them today!

$29.95    (DVD)


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Set List
1 The Samba Song
2 White Collar Holler
3 Meet Me Incognito
4 Grizzly Bear
5 Wa-Ha Music
6 How Do You Make Love Stay?
7 It's All Over Now
8 Sex In A Volcano
9 Home Of The Whales
10 Jive Medley
11 Penguin Love
12 Treat Me Right
13 Yours
14 Lingerie
15 When I Sing
16 Come A Little Bit Closer
17 Oreos
18 Money Tree
19 Nebraska
20 Hymn #694
21 Mambo Man
22 Tequila Sheila
23 Reiba's Cantina
24 A Sailor's Prayer
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