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The WAHA Surf Shop is designed for people who access the Internet from their home or business over slow, medium or fast connections. We hope we've made it easy to use, and we'd love your suggestions on how to make it better.

If you're having trouble viewing the site, here are some initial things to check:

Javascript support.   Javascript is a programming language that allows your browser to customize the operation of a web page for your PC. In many cases, this makes the pages load faster. We've used Javascript throughout the site, so if your browser doesn't support Javascript, or if you've deactivated Javascript support on your browser for whatever reason, that may be why you're having trouble. Both Microsoft and Netscape support Javascript on their current (and several prior) releases. To download the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, click here.

Cookie support.   "Cookies" are little notes that a web site can leave behind on your PC to remember things that you told it. The next time you visit that same site, it reads the cookies so it won't have to ask you again. This makes things easier for everyone. Only the site that created the cookie can read that same cookie, so it's not a real security issue. We use cookies to keep track of what's in your shopping cart, so if you turn off cookie support you can't buy anything from us. That would be bad, very bad. Both Microsoft and Netscape support cookies on their current (and several prior) releases.  Again, to download the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, all you have to do is click here.

More questions?  Other problems?  Just can't get to sleep?  Send us an e-mail at

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