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The WAHA Surf Shop Presents...

$15.95    (CD)


Under The Big Top
Back in 1993, we played the show of our lives at that marvelous outdoor theater Big Top Chataqua, up near Bayfield. Due to the extreme distance separating the stage from the bar, the band actually remembered ALL of the words and the lyrics that night. And all the while those clever folks at Big Top Chataqua were recording the show for posterity.

Now you can enjoy this great performance, which includes some never-before-recorded songs from the FHL repertoire, plus live versions of other more familiar material, on a CD that does not feature even one chorus of "Oreos".   Amazing?   Impossible?   Worth shelling out 16 bucks for?   You bet!
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And if you're still in the market for vintage Free Hot Lunch CD's,
we still have plenty of these...

I Forgot What I
Was Drinking To Forget


World Tour
Double CD

Studio Sessions

John Corning's solo album, featuring guest appearances by other members of the band.

Every song from the Eat This and Dishin' It Out live albums, and more from the Free Hot Lunch archives.

Every song from the Free Hot Lunch WAHA Music and Penguin Love studio albums.

$12.95    (CD)


$24.95    (Double CD)


$15.95    (CD)

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Under The Big Top
Set List
1 Bird Of Paradise
2 White Collar Holler
3 Sex By Mail
4 For No One
5 Lingerie
6 What'cha Do About Love
7 If Your Dreams Fall Through
8 When I Sing
9 You're Eating For Two Now
10 African Honeymoon
11 I'll Do Alright
12 Tore Up Your Picture
13 I've Got A Woman
14 It's All Over Now
15 In The Summertime
16 Smoke Two Joints
17 Tequila Sheila
18 Reiba's Cantina
19 A Sailor's Prayer
World Tour
Set List
Volume 1
1 Telephone
2 Grizzly Bear
3 Xerox Line
4 Come A Little Bit Closer
5 Hold Tight
6 Yours
7 Portuguese
8 Exactly Like You
9 Tomorrow Night
10 Alberta
11 Oz
12 Jive Medley
13 I Talk To Myself
14 The Scotsman
15 Waha Music
16 Ring Around The Moon
Volume 2
1 Oreos
2 Money Tree
3 Blue Dress
4 Meet Me Incognito
5 Lovin' You
6 I'll Stay Out Tonight
7 Islands
8 Sidewalks On Parade
9 Good Time Lady
10 Sex In A Volcano
11 Home Of The Whales
12 Holdin' You
13 Touch Tone Lullaby
14 Barfly
15 Nebraska
16 Hymn #694
I Forgot What I Was Drinking To Forget
Set List
1 In The Summertime
2 Wouldn't You Like To Be An Alcoholic?
3 You're Eating For Two Now
4 Mental Vacation
5 I Forgot What I Was Drinking To Forget
6 The Man Who Stole My Baby Away From Me
7 Oreos
8 Body Language
9 Lingerie
10 Yo Yo Ma
11 I've Got A Dollar
Studio Sessions
Set List
1 Treat Me Right
2 Samba Song
3 Best Friend's Girl
4 Middle Of A Love Song
5 Trees In Love
6 Nebraska
7 Bird Of Paradise
8 Mambo Man
9 Phenomenon Of Love
10 A Sailor's Prayer
11 Reiba's Cantina
12 Penguin Love
13 Duck Tonight
14 Oreos
15 Money Tree
16 Half
17 Make Love Stay
18 The People's Key
19 Sex By Mail
20 Coconut Song
21 Tequila Sheila
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